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Popularity is a social phenomenon that re-emerges every year in every school around the world; yet, despite how common it is and how important it is to students, it has never been fully explained. Written for parents and teachers, this book is NOT a how-to-guide of tired cliches nor is it a story of personal growth and discovery. With clear language and simple logic, Popularity Explained answers how popularity works and why it emerges so predictably. Based on published scientific literature, it draws on concepts from psychology and neuroscience to explain this fascinating social phenomenon.

Amazon Reviews – Popularity Explained

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The first few chapters develop ideas I hadn't heard before, like "Input of Energy" which come together towards the end of the book in an attempt to explain how popularity works. Its an explanation that's immediately satisfying because it seems so obvious in hindsight. By chapter 6 you start to figure it out and then



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