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  • Chpt. 2: Students We All Know

    More than just students are interested in popularity. Scientists study it to. Mostly psychologists who are interested in how students become friends and get into groups. If you studied popularity, how would you define it? Take a moment and think about it. If your definition of popularity uses the word “liked,” you’re not alone. The dictionary definition is to be … Keep reading
  • Chpt. 3: The Definition of “Attraction”

    Understanding popularity begins with understanding attraction. I use the word many times on this website and so it is important that you know exactly what attraction is and what it is not. When I discuss popularity with people, they often say that, “being beautiful isn’t the only thing that matters.” My answer to them is always that I agree. Thousands … Keep reading
  • Chpt. 4: Input of Energy

    The Brain on Attraction As already mentioned, everybody feels attraction. It is a natural human instinct. Inside your brain and my brain and everyone’s brain, there are circuits specifically designed to react to people who are attractive to us. Once again, attraction doesn’t always have to be about sex or romance. People feel attraction to friends, family, and even things. … Keep reading
  • Chpt. 5: “Attraction” Versus “Liking”

    There is only one point you need to learn from this page: attraction and liking are not the same feeling! It is possible to feel attraction without liking and liking without attraction. When you are talking with your friends, it is easy to get the two words confused. Does the question, “Who do you have a crush on?” mean, “who … Keep reading
  • Chpt. 6: Becoming Popular

    This page is the page you are probably most interested in. It is all about how certain students become popular. By the end, you should understand where popularity comes from. Before I explain it though, I need to talk about what I call, “The Three Factor Model.” Also, unless you have read the Chapters that come before this, this chapter … Keep reading
  • Chpt. 7: Liking & Disliking

    Being attractive which means more that just beautiful!) is what matters when it comes to being popular. But, being popular isn’t that only thing that makes different types of students. Remember, there are three lines on the Student Map: popular, liked, and disliked. Attraction might drive the popularity line but it is not what drives the liking/disliking lines. These two … Keep reading
  • Chpt. 8: The Situation

    Whenever you are thinking about things like friendship and popularity, it is important to consider the situation (Factor #3). The situation is like a wild card. It can make a big difference and change what you think should normally happen. You probably know people who are really nice in private but who are really mean when they are around other … Keep reading
  • Chpt. 9-10: Friendship and Cliques

    Who will be friends with who? When a group comes together for the first time, where do cliques come from? Friendship and cliques are the subject of this Chapter. Friendship How to Guess Who Will Be Friends with Who It’s impossible to know exactly why two people are friends with each other. There is an unlimited number of reasons. Instead, … Keep reading
  • Chpt. 11: Some Questions Answered

    “Why does popularity happen to everyone around the world?” “Why do popular students get away with being arrogant jerks?” “Why are Hollywood Protagonists so rare?” “Why not stop the popular students from being so exclusive?” “Why are the popular students always in the right place at the right time?” “Why can’t Wannabes ever be cool?” “Why do girls say they’re looking … Keep reading
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