“Who is the most popular person in the world?”  Unfortunately, I would have to say that it is Donald Trump.  He is the President of the United States, making him the “Leader of the Free World”.  Thus, he is not only known amongst our allies, but also our enemies. The sad thing is that the international opinion of him is not very good, regardless of the country in which he is discussed, except in Israel and Russia, not surprisingly.

Donald Trump has always been one for the limelight.  Many believe that that is the only reason why he decided to run for president, in the first place.  “Hhhmmm, what is the HUGEST stage I can possibly be on?” He probably thought to himself. “Aaahhh, yes.  Everyone knows the president of the United States. I think I’ll try that.”

This reality television star and real estate investor came, virtually, out of nowhere, and decided to throw his hat into politics.  Most didn’t take him seriously. In fact, many thought he would exit, stage left, almost as quickly as he made his political entrance.  To the shock of the world, he survived.

Donald Trump miraculously took down 16 “real” Republicans (I say “real”, because Trump doesn’t embody the moral characteristics that the Republican party claims to uphold.  Plus, he’s on the record stating that he thought that Hillary Clinton – a Democrat, and the woman he would later go on to defeat for the presidency – would make a great president.), to become the Republican nominee.  After some very tempermental performances in the debates, and some fear-mongering to his sycophants in rallies, he beat the odds and won the Electoral College…but not the popular vote. He took the White House and propelled himself to the forefront of global politics and discussions.

Whether you are living in a big city or a small town, a first world country or a third world, in the suburbs or the ghetto, you, or someone very close to you have heard about “the orange man with the blonde hair”, the man with his name plastered across building in various cities around the world, the man who is known for speaking his mind – Donald Trump.  

The global impression of him is that he isn’t the most intellectual person, despite his own assertion that he has a “very large…a brain”.  He is despised for his lack of political correctness, by his opposers, and loved for the very same thing, by his supporters. He is greeted with protests and baby effigies, on one side, and cheers and smiles, on the other.

Love him or hate him, you, if nothing else, know about him.  He has spawned a nationalist movement, around the world. He has made our allies question whether or not America is still the Leader to follow.  He has made our enemies comfortable in their behavior. This is Donald Trump. This is the man who changed global political interactions. This is the man at the helm, who could potentially lead us into WWIII.  This is the most popular man in the world.