Who is the most popular person in the world, and why?

You can be tempted to think that those who are the most popular in Twitter or in any other social network are the most popular in the world. Well, that’s a good point whatsoever, but only if you’re looking for the most popular among the people who actually take part in all the social network “business”. That’s not “the whole world”, obviously. That’s just people from developed/developing countries, especially young people.

If we only listened to the little white bird we might think Katy Perry or Justin Bieber are the most popular human beings alive. However, let’s think twice. Are Perry or Bieber more popular than Madonna? According to the social networks, Katy or Justin have five times more followers than the Queen of Pop. Something just don’t add up. Maybe it is because each and every Perry/Bieber fan has a Twitter/IG/Facebook account? Definitely, they do. Madonna fans, on the other hand, are way older than Katy’s and Justin’s; therefore, many of them are not very active on the internet. So, don’t believe the hype!

Then again, in order to get a bigger picture, we have to focus on those ambits which gather together the most people, no matter their age, their social/cultural status, or their citizenship: Pop music, TV or movie industry won’t show us that bigger picture. Tarantino is not that popular in Burkina Faso, if you know what I mean. That said, what’s left “popularity wise”? Either politics or religion. But we know religious leaders are known (mainly) by those who practice a given religion. Catholics know nothing about buddhist leaders; African animists haven’t heard of any rabines; hinduists couldn’t name not one single calvinist American preacher… And so on. Now we only have politics left. Politics it is, then. And since the U.S. and Russia are directly or indirectly involved in almost every conflict, every business, every controversy in the world, since their leaders are pretty much hated worldwide (and hatred makes you very, very popular), we can state with no error that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are the most popular people in the world. And if you ask me, due to his reality show skills and his everyday circus, the World Champion Trophy would go to the White House tenant.

But hey, Katy and Justin, don’t feel sorry about it; good nes is that you can be President od the United States too!