TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! Donald Trump is the most popular person in the world right now. No one can beat him. Some people may say, Mr. X or Mrs. Y, is more popular than this guy. But Believe it or not, Donald Trump can easily beat them.

 The reasons are quite simple. His competitors are only famous for their good works, But the great Trump is popular not only for his good(?) or bad works but also for his words and his potato-like figure and his unique hairstyle. I have a few words to share with you. I am sure I will make you convinced that Trump is the most popular man right now.

 First of all, his tongue. What a tongue God gifted to this man. I think he can talk 24 hours a day if the subject of his lecture is “HOW TO CREATE DISPUTE”. His mouth is a machinegun and he continues to fire from morning to midnight.

And his famous hairstyle made him famous among the little school-goers! Even some of them having the same hairstyles as Trump can’t remember his full name. They can only say “Traamp”.

I think no one in the history of the USA was as lucky as president Trump. People were not sure about his win, but ultimately he won. He proved the statistics wrong but I don’t know why this subject is still being taught in the colleges. And he became popular among the people of the rest of the world who did not even hear of this man. They thought the man must be an angel.

And who doesn’t know about his profound knowledge of climate change and global warming? He is a far-sighted man, hence he withdrew from Paris agreement.We were just shocked to know that this kind of man is still on the earth, he must be in heaven.

If you are yet to believe the fact, then search “tramp” on Google. You will see the images of both Charlie Chaplin and Donald Trump! Thanks to artificial intelligence. Our little brain was not able to find the link between these two extraordinary men. Thank you again, Google. Search on youtube about Donald Trump Songs. You will find hundreds of Trump Songs. If he is not so popular, then why will people spend hours to listen to his songs?

I don’t know whether he will win the next election or not, but it really doesn’t matter. Not only in his own Great country, the Great Trump’s popularity is spreading even in the remote corners of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and Antarctica and in the upcoming days, he may be popular in the whole Galaxy also. Now it’s high time to admit that Donald Trump is the most popular person right now on this planet.