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The social world is complex, but this does not mean it cannot be understood and manipulated to great effect. Like any other system, it can be studied and broken down into component parts. Once these parts are understood, predictions and purposeful modifications can be made. Although not everyone can live as the clichéd image of popular, the experience of popularity is available to anyone - and we're here to help explain how. 

Which group do you fall into?

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A message from Dr. Ravi Seyed Mahmoud

Originally, this book was intended for students but has ultimately been published for parents and educators. Students, although astutely aware of popularity, don’t necessarily have the wisdom and insight to appreciate what constitutes reasonable social aspirations. Furthermore, I don’t believe that it is always appropriate for the average student reader to be confronted with painful—though self-evident—facts about them self. I approach the subject of grade school social dynamics through a paradigm of logic and reason that, at times, is brutally unsympathetic.

Armed with wisdom and legitimate authority, parents and educators are well positioned to guide dissatisfied students through the planning, action, and reflection required to initiate social change in their lives. In fact, the struggling student need not be aware of the manipulations occurring on their behalf. For the bullied or rejected student, invisible help may be the most appropriate form of intervention. After reading this book, I hope that parents and educators will be able to creatively help engineer positive social change in the lives of those who need it.

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