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What should we be teaching our students about popularity?

Popularity is a prominent theme in the classroom. Students care about popularity and so teachers need to be equipped with the right information in order to have supportive, engaging conversations with their students about it and how it affects them.

As a teacher, it's challenging to know how to support each individual student. Every student has his or her unique experiences to draw from when trying to determine where they “fit in”. How can we best equip our students to understand the implications of accepting societal and normative interpretations of popularity? How do we engage in open discussion and address formative questions to ensure we’re shedding light on potentially limiting understandings and beliefs? Is it important to be popular? Is it important to be respectful and genuine? How do these traits relate to one another?

In addition to the content on this website, Popularity Explained has compiled a list of resources for teachers to establish talking points with their students about the multiple facets of popularity and related subjects.

Resources About Popularity for Teachers

Social Skills

Social and Emotional Issues

Teaching Social Skills

Guided Meditations to Develop Self and Other Awareness


Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

Classroom Lessons

Improving Self-Esteem

Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention for Educators

Bullying Prevention

Preventing Violence

Key Themes to Explore With Students

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