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Welcome to Popularity Explained! This website is for students, educators, and parents who want to learn about popularity, friendship, and the psychology behind the relationships we all build throughout our lives. This specific page is designed for teachers - providing tips and resources that will equip you to discuss themes of popularity within a classroom setting.

Tackling Popularity In The Classroom

Building Friendships

As a teacher, it can be hard to know just how to support each individual student throughout the school day. However, one of the best ways you can be there for a student is by encouraging them to build friendships. You can support friendship growth by allowing leisure time, by putting children in groups for various activities, and by installing classroom rules that are inclusive and reward kindness.

Preventing & Stopping Bullying

Should you notice bullying in your school, it's important to put an end to the issue as early as possible. Be sure to notify your school principal, to talk to the students involved and ask how you might support them in building healthier relationships, and be sure to keep parents in the loop. Your school likely has its own bullying policy - so be sure to stay up to date with protocol. 

Support Through Open Discussion

Have you heard rumours or drama through the grape vine? Do you notice a divide or cliques amongst your students? A great way to talk about the various themes of popularity within your school is to invite open conversation in the classroom. Ask your students what they notice in the school. Ask them how their school life relates to popular high school or elementary tv shows or movies. Some insightful conversations may develop!

Key Themes to Explore With Students

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