Have you ever wondered: How can I become famous on YouTube?

If you have, you’re not alone. From being invited on Ellen to scoring a major marketing deal with a beauty company or taking the stage at Coachella, it seems as if there is no limit as to where YouTube fame can launch your career.

However, with over 1.9 billion monthly YouTube users, 50 million content contributors, and over 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day, becoming famous and popular on YouTube is, well, complicated.

What are the most popular youtube channel types?

Anyone who spends time on YouTube knows that the most popular independent videos tend to feature funny animals, original music or covers, make up tutorials, video game walkthroughs, product reviews, celebrity gossip, inspirational speakers, family or friend vlogging, comedians, pranks, unboxing, or shopping hauls.

Therefore, it would seem that if you want to become a popular YouTuber, you need to focus on reaching one or a few of these popular audiences.

It would also seem, however, that although you should focus on one of these content types, you must find a competitive edge to stand out for the millions of other YouTube content producers.

In this article, we take a look at why YouTube popularity matters, how you may be able to improve your popularity on YouTube, and we provide some successful examples of YouTube stars.

Why does YouTube popularity matter?

In most cases, we would say that your YouTube popularity should only matter to you if you are looking to make money off of your content. If you are looking to invest in a YouTube career, popularity matters as the more subscribers and likes you have, the more money and sponsorship deals you can make. The larger your audience, the more opportunities may be presented to you.

However, becoming famous on YouTube is no easy task, so you should be absolutely sure of your goals and how much money and time you are willing to invest in yourself and your brand to get started. It’s also important to know that going viral has a lot to do with persistence and luck!

Is being liked and being popular the same thing on YouTube?

The short answer is no. According to Popularity Explained, there are personalities on YouTube who are considered popular but are disliked by many people, such as the Queen Bee or Kingpin in a high school setting. In fact, in the YouTube world, being disliked can actually benefit your popularity (if based on video views).

Take Logan Paul for example. After posting some controversial content on YouTube, Logan Paul faced a media storm of “haters” who were outraged over his actions. However, while many people were mad, they still took the time to view the content, therefore increasing the engagement and popularity of his video. After making news headlines, even more people became aware of who he was, and those who were curious checked out his other videos too.

how to be popular

How can I become YouTube famous?

Improving your popularity and getting people to subscribe comes down to three main things:

Providing Value

No matter which type of content you are looking to produce, ensure that your audience is getting something out of it. You can entertain your audiences by providing some new editing techniques, great music, original characters, special guests, or personal anecdotes.

Once your channel gets going, be sure to reflect and do some analysis to determine which of your videos is performing the best – views, comments, likes, shares, etc. Once you recognize some patterns in which videos are most popular (length, style, posting time, etc.), provide more of that type of content.

As noted by Popularity Explained, by establishing and adapting who you are, how you treat others, what space you’re in, and what you’re doing, you’re making the right steps forward to becoming more popular as a YouTuber.

Optimizing Your Content

Choose a creative and interesting name and thumbnail for your video content. However, be sure never to mislead or try to trick your followers with clickbait titles that misrepresent what the content is really about – this may make them angry and lead to unsubscribing (this is also against YouTube regulations).

When it comes to optimizing your content, it’s also important to look for trending topics, patterns, and to keep a close eye on what types of content your audience is looking for. For example, if you are receiving multiple comments of people asking you to do a Q&A video, you should consider doing one.

If you have a blog and other social media profiles, it’s also a great idea to post links to your video on multiple platforms – ensuring that the reach of your video has been extended and promoted.

Popularity Explained explains that your popularity can also grow by getting closer (input of energy) to those who are popular and are successful in what they’re doing. Therefore, we would encourage you to consider teaming up with other YouTubers to collaborate and build off of each other’s fan base.

Being Consistent

Successful YouTubers follow schedules in which they plan for and put out new videos on a regular basis. They also let their subscribers know to look forward to the next video “coming next Friday” for example.

Popular YouTubers are also consistent in the production quality they produce. For example, they might use high-quality equipment, professional lighting, and edit all of their videos in a similar format.

Who are some of the most Popular YouTubers I can learn from?

Looking for more ways to become a famous YouTuber? Check out some of the most popular YouTubers and take note of which each of them seems to be doing successfully:

Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy is a YouTube comedian and host. Beginning her career on Vine, Koshy is best known for her hilarity, characters, loud voice, funny facial expressions, and romantic relationship with a fellow YouTube star, David Dobrik. Liza has also connected with her audience in being authentic and open about her experiences with heartbreak, anxiety, Internet bullying, and more. She has over 16 million followers.



Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTube game commentator. With over 82 million subscribers, PewDiePie has found success in his ability to bond with his viewers (shared attitudes, beliefs, and interests) and the way he uses humour to keep people entertained. Felix has also gained fame and money through his brand deals.

Dude Perfect


Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel led by Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Tyler Toney, Garrett Hibert, and Cody Jones. Friends since high school, this group of boys have gained over 38 million subscribers by practicing trick shots and participating in various stunts and battles. Their success seems to have grown due to their family-friendly brotherhood – the attraction of friendship.

Shane Dawson

Conspiracy Theories

Beginning his YouTube career making comedy sketches and acting as various characters, Shane Dawson had since evolved into a writer, director, musician, documentarian, and conspiracy theory commentator and explainer. Dawson’s major success resulted from his docuseries on other popular YouTubers like Jeffree Star, Jake Paul, and Tana Mongeau.

Jaclyn Hill


Jaclyn Hill is a makeup tutorial YouTuber with over five million subscribers. As her fame grew, Jaclyn began partnering with industry-leading makeup brands like Morphe and launched her very own eye shadow palette. Jaclyn Hill fans look to the beauty vlogger to learn how to apply makeup and various “looks,” as well as to learn about her personal life (divorce, new boyfriend, etc).

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