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Rule 1: Being Popular Does Not Mean Being Liked

Just because you are popular does not mean that people will like you.

Just because people like you does not mean that you will be popular.


Being Popular Does Not Mean Being Liked

Nobody Likes The Mean Girls | Adelaine Morin, 2015

Maybe no one likes you even if you’re pretty and play the right sport

Mean Girls Aren't Really Liked, Adelaine Morin

“There are girls that are like the “popular” girls but they’re the popular mean girls and no one actually really likes them!

–Nobody really likes them–

No! And they might be popular because they are pretty or play the right sport or  whatever but no one, no one, really likes them. ”


There is such thing as the popular mean girls; a.k.a., the Queen Bees.

Liked By Few | Ninja Theory, 2017

Very few popular students are actually well liked.

Only 9% of Popular Kids Are Liked, Ninja Theory

“If you weren’t a popular kid at school you probably didn’t like them. The truth is that, neither did most of the other kids who weren’t popular. It was discovered that only 9% of popular kids were liked by most other kids in school.”


The popular kids are not liked by most other kids even though they are popular.

Cliched Movie Characters in High School Movies  | The Infographics Show, 2018

Popular Students Are Often Disliked

Cliches Infographic

Narrator–So often in American high school movies, there is a certain format when you think about the students especially in those older films. The cliques, and the cliches, usually involve some alpha male who’s a bit of a jock. He’s handsome and tough and usually gets his comeuppance. If there is an alpha female, the school’s hottest chick, well, she often turns out to be mean and insecure. Then there’s the bespectacled nerd or the likable and clumsy stoner and the wholesome church going kid who really pines for wild excitement.


There are certain types of students that everyone knows of and recognizes.

Mona | Storybooth, 2018

Very Popular, Disliked by Many

Mona, StoryBooth

Narrator–She was like one of the most popular girls in school. Her name was Mona. She was known to be really mean to people. She would always talk about people behind their backs.


You can be popular and disliked by many because you’re mean.

Jess Harris | The Duff, 2015

Popular & Disliked by Many

Jess Harris | The Duff, 2018

Friend–Mini Stalin, dead ahead.
Bianca–Meet Madison Morgan. As she would tell you herself, she’s the hottest girl in school. Even the gay guys wanna date her.


Bianca–So, yeah, she was a bitch. Were we fake friends with her? Kind of.
Jess–Girls, party at my place. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Link: Script


Even when disliked, you can be popular and other students might pretend to be your friend.

Secretly Hating and Envying Popular Students | The Infographics Show, 2018

Popular Students Are Often Disliked

Jock Popularity

Narrator–But in actuality, said the study, we might just perceive them being more popular. They might also be secretly envied or hated by their peers.


A “popular” student might be thought of as popular but secretly disliked.

High School Is a Caste System | Glee, S1x1, 2009

There are popular and unpopular students.

High School is a Cast System

Sue–So, you want to talk to my Cheerios about joining Glee Club?
Will–Well, I need more kids – performers – and all the best ones are in the Cheerios, so I figured some of them might want to double up.
Sue–Okay, so what you’re doing right now is called blurring the lines. High school is a caste system. Kids fall into certain slots. Your jocks and your popular kids up in the penthouse. The invisibles and the kids playing live-action out in the forest: bottom floor.
Will–And… where do the Glee kids lie?
Emma–Sue’s not wrong, but I don’t think anything is set in stone. I mean, you know, kids are going to do what they think is cool, which is not always who they are. You just need to find a way to get them out of their boxes.


Everyone knows that there are popular and unpopular students and who they are.

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