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Rule 2: Advantages Make People Want You

Rule 2:

Advantages Make People Want You or What You Have

Everyone has advantages.

There are many different combinations of advantages that a person can have.

Life is not fair: some people have many advantages. Some people have very few. Some advantages you can control and earn. Other advantages happen only because you get lucky.

When you have advantages, people want you or what you have.

Defining Attractive, Johnny Depp

How You Look | YouTube, Wikihow, 2019

Looking pretty, fabulous, or “good” is an advantage that gets you noticed.
How You Look help increase popularity

“While you should not focus on looks alone to be popular, confidence is key to popularity. Giving yourself a new haircut and changing up your wardrobe and makeup can help you feel better about yourself. This may make you more likely to put yourself out there and seek out new friendships, boosting your popularity.”–WikiHow, 2019

Link: WikiHow


How you look is important. Being pretty is an advantage that gets you noticed.

Getting Someone to Notice You Starts With How You Look | The Duff, 2015

Looking good is an advantage that makes people want you.
The Duff - Popularity Makeovers Start With How You Look

Wanting to get noticed by the boy she likes, Bianca asks the most popular boy what she should do. She asks him to give her, “real talk.”


Bianca– I need you to give me real talk.
Wes–Real talk? You got a uniboob, your posture sucks, and your clothes fit weird because you wear the wrong size bra. Boom, real talk. […] Step One: First impressions matter so take pride in your appearance.


How you look is important when it comes to dating, getting attention, and popularity.

Big Boobs, Rich Parents, and a Lake House | Shallon Lester, 2018

Three things that make people want you.

Advantages in Life impact popularity

“We as a society understand that in order to be famous you have to be good at something. Same in high school: and, unfortunately that something that you’re good at is… you have big boobs, or your dad is the richest guy in town, or you have a lake house that everyone likes to go to.”

Link: Video


There are many advantages in life that can make people want you. For example, advantageous physical traits and wealth (or access to it).

Be Smart, Don’t Dumb Yourself Down  | Marissa Rachel, 2014

You Can Be Smart and Popular At the Same Time

You can be smart and popular at the same time.

“In my experience, the people who were popular weren’t the stupid kids, weren’t the people who failed classes. Like, you don’t need to act stupid or get in trouble in class or get in trouble with the teacher to like, be popular. It’s not going to benefit you. If anything, being cool with the teachers–and not being a teachers pet–but just being on the “inside” with the teachers, like on the inner ring… it can help you because you can kind of get away with more things in class and kind of goof off a little more and be more funny and get away with giving silly answers and funny presentations and all that stuff. I would recommend, don’t dumb yourself down. I know that’s a line from Mean Girls but don’t dumb yourself down and just kind of do your best and don’t let it affect your school work. Don’t let your popularity or your reputation or whatever affect your school work at all.”


Acting dumb, being dumb, failing, and doing poorly academically does not lead to popularity or make someone popular.

Jock Popularity | The Infographics Show, 2018

Being good a sports is an advantage that makes people want you.
Jock Popularity

Narrator–The same study said “Jock Popularity” was indeed a real thing stating: “Older high schoolers will be drawn to strong, good looking, athletic, and smartly dressed kids.


What makes boys attractive: physical qualities like strength, athletics & appearance.

Having Proper Hygiene | WikiHow, 2000’s

Good hygiene is an advantage that makes people want you.
Having Good Hygiene is an advantage that you can control.

1. Have good hygiene
2.Have good hygiene
3. Put a little effort into your appearance
4. Focus on your grooming
5. Maintain good hygiene
6. Have good hygiene
7. Stay clean

Link: Be a Popular School Girl
Link: Be Cool in High School
Link: Be Popular in Middle School
Link: Be Popular without Being Rude
Link: Become the Most Popular Girl in Your Class
Link: Be Popular in High School
Link: Be a Popular Guy


Having good hygiene is an advantage that makes you attractive and that you can control.

Being Smart | Rachel & Jun, 2012

Being smart is an advantage that makes people want you.
Being Smart Makes You Popular in Japan

Jun– And smart people are popular in Japan, we are Asian after all. Even if you’re not super good-looking or good at sports people respect you and look up to you. But also, you can’t brag about it or show off. You have to be humble if you’re smart. Of course because you’re Japanese.


Being intelligent is another example of an advantage that you can have.

A Car & Style Changes Attraction | 17 Again, 2009

Being rich is an advantage that makes people want you.
A Car and Style Changes Attraction

Mike O’Donnel, trying to impress, chooses the wrong style and is unattractive to the girls he tries to meet. After fixing this problem, the same girls change their opinions and find him attractive.


Mike O’Donnel–Hey, girls, how’s it going?
Girl 1–Do I know you?
Girl 2–What’d you do, mug K-Fed?
Ned Gold–Welcome to the bottom of the food chain.Hey, look, you always had my back in high school, okay? So if your spirit guide wants you to be a fake teenager… …and me to be your fake dad… …the least I can do is make sure that my fake son doesn’t look… …like a total douche.


Girl 1–(reacting to Mike O’Donnel positively) Ooooooh. Let’s go to school.

Link: Script


How attractive the same person is can change with accessories like a car and style.

What Do Girls Want in a Man? | Rebel Without a Cause, 1955

Being a “man” is an advantage that makes people want you.
What Kind of Person Do You Think a Girl Wants

Judy–What kind of a person do you think a girl wants?
Jim–A man?
Judy–Yes… but a man who can be gentle and sweet. Like you are.
Jim–(groaning in self content). Mmmhmmm.
Judy–And someone who doesn’t run away when you want them. Like being Plato’s friend when nobody else wanted him. That’s being strong…


The perfect man is both attractive for what he is and likable for who he is.

Don’t Smell | Katie Whetham, 2018

Hygiene, it matters. Don’t smell bad.
Don't Smell Bad, Katie Whetham

Step 1: You need to put on deodorant. Nobody is going to go near you if you smell bad.


Hygiene has many aspects to it. Certainly, how you smell is one of them.

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