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Rule 5: Special Attention Creates Popularity

Rule 5:

Popularity Happens When Everyone Shows You Special Attention Because They Want You or What You Have

Popularity does not happen because of how you treat other people. It happens because of how people treat you.

When everybody in a group shows you Special Attention, you become popular.

Marker drawing of Mean Girls

How I Became Popular in High School | Mitch Manly, 2018

Winning -> Special Attention -> Popularity

RTTT MitchManly

Mitch wants to be popular. He envies the popular kids because they are treated differently compared to everybody else. This video is all about how he achieves his goal of being popular.

His rise to the top starts after a summer of practicing his basketball skills. After switching schools, he joins the basketball team where he is able to demonstrate his skill. Because of his success on the team, the students show him Special Attention. As always, this Special Attention leads him to being popular.


Being really good at something (like basketball) can earn you Special Attention. Receiving Special Attention is what will make you popular.

If You’re Athletic in Japan, You Can Be Popular | Rachel and Jun, 2012

Winning earns you Special Attention which makes you popular.

being athletic earns you Special Attention

In this video Jun describes how being a runner in an important relay race earns the Special Attention of peers and makes students popular. He explains that the school’s biggest athletic event of the year is a “big, big” opportunity to be popular because it offers an opportunity to show off and earn Special Attention.

“I think it’s the same all over the world, being good at sports, especially for young people is very important.”


Around the world, being athletic earns you Special Attention which makes you popular.

How You Look Will Make You Popular | WikiHow, 2000’s

“Looking good” gets you Special Attention which makes you popular.

What you Look like matters
  1. Give Yourself a Makeover: Ask a stylist at a salon what would be a flattering hairstyle for you. Makeup and hair that works well for your features can bolster your confidence and, in turn, increase your popularity.
  2. Consider a Mini Makeover: If you aren’t feeling confident about your looks, try getting a mini makeover.
  3. Have Gorgeous Hair: Hair is a massive part of your look. […] At school, carry around with you or have in your locker a giant hairbrush so that you can brush your hair with a minimum amount of strokes at a time, creating the illusion that your hair is always perfect.
  4. Care About Your Appearance: Taking pride in your appearance is one of the simplest ways to improve your social prospects and alter the way people think about you.
  5. Dress the Right Way: Don’t be a complete fashion copycat. Put your own individual twist onto the outfits. Wear accessories or shoes you want to, get shirts in the color you prefer, or wear styles you feel comfortable in.
  6. Wear Makeup if You Wish, Start With a Fresh and Clean Face Before Applying Makeup: Now apply some liquid foundation with a sponge, apply concealer on your flaws. Next curl your lashes and apply a thick coat of mascara, don’t forget your lower lashes!
  7. Consider What You’re Wearing. It’s not really true that the clothes make the man, but looking nice can’t hurt. Take a look at current trends, but wear what makes you feel good and confident.
  8. Choose a Style that Flatters Your Figure Well, Complements Your Body, and Pleases You. However, while making sure it is slightly similar to the type of style that is accepted as popular, be sure that it doesn’t look so similar that people are going to accuse you of copying the popular girl!

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To be popular, what you look like matters.

Rise to the Top, Annie and Dixon’s Story | Beverly Hills 90210, S1x1, 2008

Being good at something earns you Special Attention which makes you popular.

popularity impacted by the people around you
popularity impacted by the people around you

Beverly Hills 90210 is about Annie and her brother Dixon trying to find their way in a new school. They face the same problem: both are from a small farming community and are now surrounded by new students they don’t know and that don’t accept them. In order to break into the cliques and the groups, both follow a similar path.

First, they get close to their peers by joining extra-curricular activities.

Next, they demonstrate their talents (Dixon, lacrosse and Annie, singing).

These demonstrations, along with other attractive qualities, earns them Special Attention from the students around them which ultimately leads them to being welcomed into their respective friend groups.


“Breaking in” follows the same path for Annie and Dixon: 1) join the school; 2) get noticed; 3) earn Special Attention; 4) enjoy success, A.K.A, being popular.

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