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Rule 6: Liking Is About How You Treat Others

Rule 6:

People Like You or Dislike You Because of How You Treat Them

Unlike popularity (which happens because of how people treat you), being liked is about how you treat other people: how you make people feel when they are around you.

Just because people like you, does not mean that they will show you the Special Attention that makes people popular.


People Like You or Dislike You Because of How You Treat Them

Just Be Nice to People | Kalista Elaine, 2017

To be well liked, treat others how you want to be treated.

to be more popular, just be kind

“Step 5: Just be nice to people. People don’t want to be friends with the Queen Bee–Hard to believe right? But that’s what I’ve been told! But honestly… be the type of person you would want to be friends with: smile at the people in your classes; say, “HI”; pitch into conversations when you feel like it; and then, eventually you’re going to end up being friends. I mean you’re in class with them all year. Just put yourself out there and be kind!”


People want to be your friend if you’re kind to them.

Don’t Gossip | Svannahandstuff, 2016

Gossiping leads to people not liking you.

To be popular, Don't Gossip

“Do not  talk bad about people. Gossiping is fun because it gives us something to talk about. It can be a little exciting. But, truthfully you guys, like, stay away from it as much as you can. When you talk bad about other people, that conversation can easily get to that other person. And that does not make you look good. That person can then talk bad about you and you could end up having a bunch of people that don’t like you just because of these few conversations. And honestly, when someone is gossiping to me about other people, I take a mental note. They are definitely talking bad about me when I’m not there.”


Gossiping, although enjoyable at the time, is counter productive. It leads to DISLIKING.

Don’t Lie or Be Sassy, and Remember Be Nice | Amber Swab, 2018

3 tips if you want to be well liked.

If You Don't Have A Poodle, Amber Swab

“As for the don’ts. These are how NOT to be popular:

  1. Number 1, don’t lie. For example, if you don’t know… if you don’t think… you have a poodle but you say you have a poodle that’s lying like, don’t do that. So what you’re going to do, like, it’s fine if you think you have a poodle because it looks like a poodle and you’re just not sure because you just don’t know and you’re really not sure…  That’s okay because you don’t know but if you know you don’t have a poodle than don’t tell people you have a poodle. Know what I mean?
  2. Number 2, don’t be sassy! No one likes a little sassy person. I sure don’t.
  3. Number 3, be nice. Being nice is really important. You now what they say, “be nice or get sliced.”

Lying makes you disliked. Being sassy makes you disliked. Being nice makes you liked.

5 Tips to Be Well Liked | Casual Steven, 2014

To be well liked, you can do these simple things.

5 tips to increase popularity

Casual Steven shares 5 good tips for being well liked:

  1. Remembering names when you meet someone.
  2. Genuinely smile and don’t do fake smiles when you meet people.
  3. Be interested in other people if you want to appear as interesting.
  4. People love sincere compliments about themselves.
  5. Negativity “sucks the fun out of a human being” so don’t criticize or complain.

1) Use people’s names; 2) Smile; 3) Be interested in others; 4) Compliment other people; 5) Be positive.

Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated | Just Jordyn, 2018

People are naturally drawn to those who are kind & respectful.

Treat People How You Want to Be Treated, Just Jordyn

“Treat people how you want to be treated. If you want more friends, just follow that Golden Rule. People are naturally drawn towards those who are nice and more respectful. So when you go back to school, I hope you don’t let this being popular thing get into your head. Just be kind, be yourself, and the right people will come to you.”


Being liked is about how you treat other people. The Golden Rule is and excellent starting point.

How to Be Popular (Actually Hated?) | Mikayla Lysiak, 2017

If popular and you’re mean, you’ll be disliked.

Tips On Being Hated, Makayla Lysiak

Mikayla– You want to know how be popular huh? I got five tips on how to be popular honey. [… ]First of all, disclaimer, if you want people to hate you, take this advice:

  1. You’ve got to walk in slow motion.
  2. If you want to be popular, you have to have a fidget spinner.
  3. You have to be mean. Create drama out of thin air.
  4. Next step, only Starbucks, that’s it.
  5. Next, you have to be on your phone all the time.
  6. Next, you’ve got to “one up” everybody.

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