Who is the most famous person in the world?

To make this answer more creative and unique, I’m gonna consider countries as persons.

So i guess you already would have predicted the most famous and powerful one among the whole lot. Yea, The big bad boys from North America… The United States of America.

My Reasons:


  • The US is clearly in the driving seat having too much powerful friends who listen and abide to what it says.
  • The US is the de-facto leader of the NATO which is the world’s largest military and economic powerhouse in the world.
  • It’s quite common for all the trading countries to accept payments in US dollars making it a globally acknowledged currency apart from the local currency of the trading partners, This further strengthens the position of the US in the global market making it as a benchmark currency against which regional currency values are determined.


  • This is another important reason which makes the US way too much famous. The US armed forces are considered the most deadly force in this world which could single handedly defeat the rest of the world combined!!!!
  • The US navy is way too modernized and large which is the largest navy on earth outnumbering the rest of the worlds navy combined by a large margin.
  • Ahhhh… The US Air force… I’ll explain that with a single picture..

—>>Even our most beloved Robert Downey Jr aka the Ironman had a hard time    countering the F-22s in the first part of the Ironman series and the US has hundreds of these bad boys in operation.

  • The US Army is the most battle hardened force on the planet with military bases all around the globe in strategic locations along with their fancy hardware.
  • It is a known fact that the US has missiles that could hit almost any part of the globe apart from a few places like west australia and a few places in southern indian ocean.Not to forget the 6500+ nuclear weapons that the US possess in its inventory along with its missile defence systems that provide an umbrella cover to the continental US. 


  • The GDP of the US is a whopping $21.3 Trillion… Do i need to say anymore??
  • The financial capital of the world is right here in the US, New York City.


  • Lack of rivals is what makes the US even more powerful and famous.
  • The closest neck to neck rival that the US ever had would be the USSR and after the fall of the USSR , Nobody dared to challenge the US.
  • Some tried to challenge the US only to get beaten black and blue by the US.
  • As of currently, The People’s Republic of China seems to be a bit of a problem for the US, But in general opinion ,The Chinese still need to revamp themselves in many areas to actually challenge the Americans.


There are still loads of points and facts that one could say to project the US in a more powerful 

way but i believe that i have justified the topic to some appreciable extent with these points.