Dr. A. L. Freedman

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“A couple of things from your book stick with me – the definition of popularity (i.e. it doesn’t mean well-liked) and that you can be attracted to someone without liking them. These are revelatory and important points in my opinion.”


Dr. A. L. Freedman has a double degree in psychology and general management from the University of Lethbridge. On graduating, he was awarded a gold medal for his academic achievements. He is currently completing residency at the University of Alberta and is pursuing a specialty in rural family medicine.

In his free time, Alex enjoys piano, writing, swimming, and travelling. He has worked in Tanzania, Mexico, and the North West Territories and has visited the USA, China, Rwanda, France, Uganda, and Nicaragua. In his own words, “People fascinate me. I feel privileged to have met so many in so many different countries.”

Psychology has been, and will always be, one of his primary interests.

Contact: alexfreedman@popularityexplained.com

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  1. CEDE · Reply

    This is sooo interesting and very understandable. I’m still popular but my popularity’s fading away. Since its fading away I’m starting to become very shy and nervous at school. I don’t want to become that shy and nervous person because I wanna show people who I really am. Being shy isn’t going to help. But my popularity started fading away when I came back to school after Winter Break. I don’t understand why this is happinning because before Winter Break started I wasn’t shy, or nervous to show others who I rreally was. All I did was do it. I didn’t think about at all all I did was do it. Something else strange is that my two best best best friends aren’t noticing how different I’ve been acting ever sice this all started. Its like I’m the only one noticing. I know that they don’t notice because they haven’t asked, and they are both very questioning people. Anyway the worst thing about this situation of mine is that I’m loosing my funniness. Why that is pretty bad is because I have heard lots of kids at school saying that I am hillarious. That is a big thing of ehy I’m popular. Some other things about why I’m popular is because I am beautiful and I know it, I’m caring, supportive, brave, friendly, smart, understanding, and fun. There is probably other things as well. Hopefully this is obvious to everyone who reads this that this popularity of mine is special to me because it makes feel loved and wanted. Being extremely un-popular like I’ve been for the past two days just makes me fell un-wanted, and to me its not a good feeling at all. Thats why I am so stressted about if I will loose my popualrity because if I’m not popular I don’t feel loved or wanted. So this website about popularity has really helped and I just LOVE it!!!!:) Thank you for your help.:)

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