Dr. Ravi Seyed-Mahmoud
(a.k.a., A. L. Freedman)

Technically Dr. Seyed-Mahmoud but I now go by Dr. Ravi. I have double degree in psychology and general management from the University of Lethbridge and an MD from the U of A. I’m currently practicing as a GP in Canada. Computer science is my latest intelectual adventure — how ironic. I just spelled ‘intellectual’ wrong… In my free time, I enjoy too many things–possibly why I can’t spell– and I’ve worked in Tanzania, Mexico, and the North West Territories and visited the USA, China, Rwanda, France, Uganda, and Nicaragua. Put simply, people fascinate me and I feel privileged to have met so many in so many different countries. Psychology has been, and will always be, one of my primary interests.

A. L. Freedman was a pseudonym I chose to preserve some anonymity while writing the original source material for Popularity Explained.

www.celebrityfanalyzer.com is the latest iteration of my ongoing fascination with people.