About Popularity Explained

Popularity Explained, written by Dr. Ravi Seyed-Mahmoud relies heavily on published psychological literature and has been written for the parents and educators of dissatisfied students. It was never intended to become a How-To-Guide—the social dynamics that shape the emergence of popularity are too complex for “a one size fits all” approach. Rather, the intention of this novel is to offer a theoretical framework on which clever parents and educators can engineer more equitable and forgiving social circumstances for those under their care.

"I hope what I have written will help readers as they guide dissatisfied students through the process of uncovering personal strengths/weakness and the social opportunities/threats they face."

Dr. Ravi Seyed-Mahmoud

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Book Reviews

"This book completely unlocks the mysteries of social hierarchy. The subject of the book might be grade school and high school social psychology but it is also for anyone who has, sadly, wondered why most of life is just a repeat of high school."
"If you enjoy social psychology and have dabbled even lightly in any Western literature/film/TV set in grade school, this is the book for you. I would especially recommend this book to educators. The text is very readable, and the anecdotes reveal a reflective and humorous author."
"A couple of things from your book stick with me – the definition of popularity (i.e. it doesn’t mean well-liked) and that you can be attracted to someone without liking them. These are revelatory and important points in my opinion.”