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Dr. Ravi Seyed-Mahmoud
(a.k.a., A. L. Freedman)

Ravi Seyed-Mahmoud (Dr. Ravi) has a double degree in psychology and general management from the University of Lethbridge. On graduating, he was awarded a gold medal for his academic achievements. He is currently practicing family medicine in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

In his free time, Dr. Ravi enjoys spending time with his wife as well as playing piano, writing, swimming, and travelling. He has worked in Tanzania, Mexico, and the North West Territories and has visited the USA, China, Rwanda, France, Uganda, and Nicaragua.

In his own words, “People fascinate me. I feel privileged to have met so many in so many different countries.” Psychology has been, and will always be, one of his primary interests.

Please note, A. L. Freedman was a pseudonym chosen to preserve anonymity during the writing process of the original source material for Popularity Explained.

Dr. Ravi Seyed-Mahmoud
Kaye-Anne Thompson

Kaye-Anne Thompson

Kaye-Anne Thompson holds a masters degree in clinical psychology and has spent several years conducting psychological assessments of students in her home country, Jamaica.

She has also taught in the undergraduate psychology program at two local universities and served as a member of the Special Education Unit in the Ministry of Education.

In recent times, Kaye has joined her husband as a full-time writer for a number of established psychology websites.

While psychology remains one of her foremost passions, she also enjoys gardening, sewing and craftwork.

When she’s not busy writing or engaging in one of these activities, you’ll likely find her spending time with her family or exploring the natural wonders of her beautiful island home.

Daniel Sher

Daniel Sher has a master’s degree in clinical psychology and works at a hospital in his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. Daniel works as a neuropsychologist, providing assessments for people with brain-based disorders.

Daniel also works as a therapist, practicing psychoanalytic techniques. He is passionate about the emerging movement of neuropsychoanalysis, which combines the insights of neuroscience with those of psychoanalysis; and he also works closely with clients that have Diabetes, helping them to thrive.

When he’s not practicing, Daniel loves to write about psychology and has contributed on a broad range of online platforms. When he’s not working, he enjoys surfing, trail-running, martial arts and drinking exceptionally strong coffee. Take a look at to learn more.

Daniel Sher
Dushyant Kheddoo

Dushyant Kheddoo

Dushyant Kheddoo is a Graphic Artist. He has been working in this field since 2001. Dushyant has a Diploma in Fashion and Textiles Design. He also does paintings and pyrography. He is an artist with the ability to work with a variety of media. Dushyant lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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