Donald Trump is the most popular person in the world right now, or at least one would think so. You can not go online, listen to the radio or turn on the TV without someone mentioning his name. There are continual panels of celebrities, panels of politicians and panels of journalists that you can find on social media or TV that are watching, analyzing, and reporting his every move. The media is all over this man and though often not favorably, they have everyone’s attention and they are focusing it on Trump. Is he popular in the traditional sense? Maybe not, but what popular person isn’t secretly disliked by half the people around them? If placing someone consistently in the limelight because doing so will get a response, a like, or an advertiser, isn’t popularity, then I don’t know what is. When everyone’s attention is centered on your every move, when everyone is gathering around you to hear what you say, even if it’s in hopes to hear something they can use to condemn you, that’s popularity. If they are waiting for you to do something outrageous so that they can document it knowing the world will read it or listen to it, that’s probably popularity. If the world is willing to read it, pay for it, invest time in clicking on it, then it’s popularity. 


Then there is the fact that the attention he garners isn’t restricted to an age group, ethnicity, or even necessarily a country. This definitively scores some points. People in Europe, Iran, North Korea, know who he is. South American kids at the border detainment centers, know who he is. The person who is reading this knows who he is, and my dog barks when he hears Trump’s name because he knows who he is. The US Congress will even show up to vote, even if it’s against him, which is a miracle in itself. 


And Donald Trump is marketable! You can find an assortment of items to either express your support or lack of it for purchase. There are Donald Trump mugs, pen holders, whiskey signed by the president, toilet paper, and a variety of other extremely popular items that can’t be mentioned here.

 I propose Trump is the most contested, the most hated, or the most loved and the most popular person on the planet right now because whether people love him or hate him, they all taking the time to voice an opinion.