The most popular person in the world in the world right now is: 

The most popular person in the world at any given time is undoubtedly “GOD”. Who is God was the most googled question of 2007. And nothing much has changed from then and now. People still seek Him, search Him as much as before if not more. 

Here are 7 Reasons that makes Him the most popular person in the world.

  1. Whenever anything goes wrong in the world, such as killings and earthquakes, people first ask, “Where is God?”
  2. Whenever people are shocked by something, they exclaim, “Oh my God!”
  3. Right from the time we are born, to school, college and work we keep asking God for several things. We ask God for better grades, jobs, hike in salary, good partner, children, peace, health, prosperity. And He gives us what we ask for.
  4. Whenever people are in trouble, they cry out, “Oh God, please help me.”
  5. When people want to comfort somebody they will always say, “Don’t worry, God is great!”
  6. When people are in danger they plead, “Oh God, please save me.”
  7. To bless someone people still use His name, “God bless you.”

The name of God is invoked irrespective of which religion you belong to and which part of the world you reside. His name is invoked in daily activities; He is remembered in our morning prayers. He is remembered All the time. 

It is just that He never get His due on popular social media platforms. Just because He never appears in search ranking you cannot take away His everlasting popularity.

Some even feel ashamed to speak or talk about God. It makes them appear un-cool! We quote great men, but people hardly quote God.

Yet, which personality on Earth is remembered so many times by people all the over the world cutting across religion, age, seasons and time? Nobody!

And that is why GOD is the most popular person in the world right now and always!