How to be popular, according to YouTube!

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How to be popular, according to YouTube!

A s we continue to wrestle with the larger question of How to be Popular, we needed to take account of the many places where people are currently asking this question.

Video is a very powerful medium for conveying information and opinion. YouTube is arguably the largest compilation of video content on the web, so we took to YouTube (also the second largest search engine in the world) to ask the question. As you can imagine, there were hundreds of videos on the subject.

To try and make some sense of it all, we asked a series of video editors to compile a summary of the advice available on YouTube.


Here’s what we asked them to provide:

The purpose of this project is simple: answer the question “How to Be Popular” using video clips spliced from YouTube.

If you search on YouTube, “How to Be Popular” you will discover a multitude of people / personalities who answer the question. If you watch enough of these videos, you will discover that certain themes and ideas are recurrent. Your job is to distill these themes and ideas into one cohesive 5-10 minute video.


Here is the winning entry....



What about you? If you were to answer the question about “how to be popular”, what would you say? Would it be so different than the opinions of the many people throughout this video?


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