Why Muhammad is currently the most popular person on this planet:
Why prophet Muhammad pbuh is currently the most popular person on this planet, aside from Jesus Christ, at least by google search data. Putting religious sentiment aside, it was all started 17 years ago, on september 11th. That day the world shocked, America was hit by a storm, and suddenly the word terrorist, the very word which was glued to bomber, regardless of their political views, now become the epitome of muslim world. Islamophobia spread, some ride them to gain popularity like a certain Dutch politician, while some try to raise awareness and also gain popularity in the process, like “My Name is Khan” film. While in faraway land like my country (Indonesia), many kids abandon their faith because of the terrorist label, while in reality the only violence they ever received is a little pinch or few yelling.
After a while, curiosity arises, was arabs really deserve the stereotype of terrorist? was Islam really a religion of “peace”? was the screaming arab shown on Fox news represent the situation in the Gulf? Well gentlemen, curiosity hits like a storm, gulf tourism rises, islamic centre crowded, search gone up, fallacy and shitpost meme site got the highest hit ever since Mohammed Ali converts. But in the end, all search narrow to one person, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

People want to know who is Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, The harbinger of one of the fastest growing religions today. Some satisfied with minor description while others dig deeper into the search, drawing a clear line between shitpost abyss and truthful description. Some converts, some retracts their negative views and start to respects Muslim (Islam followers). I believe, the search of Muhammad is a bridge to create a more peaceful solution from misunderstanding between religions or lack of thereof. Even for the Muslims themselves. Because according to history, when prophet Muhammad raise a caliphate from gulf to the Africa. All religions share the same good life, without prejudice and discrimination. Muslim, Christian, Judaism could coexist peacefully for so many years without wars. Poverty abolished, human rights are upheld, shady business practice were inhibited, even women could sit in official title in government, something which was very rare in the eras even in Europe. With such understanding, not only for islam, but also for all religion and believes in the world, I am sure the word world peace  will be more than a jargon for a beauty pageant.