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The 8 Rules of Popularity

The 8 Rules of Popularity

Anywhere there are people, there is popularity: at work, at home, and even in retirement. No matter which group of people you analyze, the same 8 rules determine who is popular. These rules are not dependent on high school. These rules are not dependent on generation. These rules are not dependent on culture. These rules depend only on human nature which is why you can find them everywhere there are people.

To see proof and examples of each rule, click the numbers below.

The rules have no authors. They just are.

the 1st rule of popularity

Rule 1:
Being Popular Is NOT the Same As Being Well Liked

Just because you are popular does not mean that people will like you.

Just because people like you does not mean that you will be popular.

the 2nd rule of popularity

Rule 2:
Advantages Make People Want You

Life is not fair: some people have many advantages. Some people have very few. Some advantages you can control and earn. Other advantages happen only because you get lucky. When you have advantages, people want you or what you have.

the 3rd rule of popularity

Rule 3:
Special Attention Happens When You Want Someone

You automatically show Special Attention to somebody if you want them or what they have. There are many different types of Special Attention: doing favors; obsessing; getting close; calling; texting; gifting; tone of voice; body language; etc…

the 4th rule of popularity

Rule 4:
“Liking” Is Not “Wanting”

You can want someone and be attracted to them without liking them. You can like somebody without being attracted to them or wanting them. Attraction is about wanting and this makes you show Special Attention but liking someone does not.

How to be very popular - movie poster drawing
the 5th rule of popularity

Rule 5:
Special Attention Creates Popularity

Popularity happens because of how people treat you. When everybody in a group shows you Special Attention, you become popular.

the 6th rule of popularity

Rule 6:
Liking Is About How You Treat Others

Unlike popularity (which happens because of how people treat you), being liked is about how you treat other people. How you make people feel when they’re around you.

the 7th rule of popularity

Rule 7:
Who You Are With Changes Popularity

In some groups, everybody will want you or what you have — in this group you will be popular. In a different group, nobody might want you or what you have — in this group you will not be popular even if YOU are exactly the same.

the 8th rule of popularity

Rule 8:
Friendship and Cliques Happen For the Same 3 Reasons

Cliques and Friendship Happen For the Same Three Reasons: Being Similar; Wanting Each Other; &, Being In the Same Place at the Same Time.